La nuit 20 – Jour et nuit

James Abbott Whistler - Nocturne en gris et or  Canal en Hollande

James Abbott Whistler – Nocturne en gris et or Canal en Hollande

Jour et nuit

Ma jeunesse a été si absolument pure :
j’ai traversé la nuit sans craindre de mourir
quand la nuit n’était rien qu’absolument la nuit,
j’ai marché dans la nuit sans douter de l’aurore
lorsque la nuit doutait de ses propres étoiles.
J’ai marché dans la nuit comme au milieu du jour :
le ciel était couvert entièrement d’étoiles,
les étoiles éclairaient autant que le soleil,
ce terrible soleil qui éclaire la nuit.
La nuit me consacrait ses heures les plus belles,
la nuit avait pour moi la beauté de l’azur,
je buvais la rosée dans la coupe des roses,
les étoiles étaient aussi jeunes que moi.
La beauté jour et nuit se tenait près de moi :
je craignais la beauté plus que ma propre mort,
je ne préférais rien à la beauté des anges.
La neige jalousait la pureté de l’âme :
la neige me devait en partie sa beauté,
la neige qui laissait sa beauté dans mon âme.

Lydie Dattas  (« Le Livre des Anges II » –  Arfuyen, 1995)




2 réflexions sur “La nuit 20 – Jour et nuit

  1. Salutations! Thank you for introducing me to this great writer. I apologize for not writing in French, but you are familiar with the problem – I lack the vocabulary and grammar to express the urgency and seriousness of my intention,- and my appreciation and excitement must be expressed in English.

    I have read the interview with Dattas – « But in the West, to be the equal of men, women imitate them in their worst aspects, which is the best way of remaining inferior to them. That happens even in literature » – and the full story of her argument and victory over Genet’s prejudice, to both their glories – and found some extracts of La Nuit Spirituelle translated into English, but not a full edition.

    What she says about publishers’ readers – and Grosjean looking for « human necessity » in literature – is so true, in the theatre world, too, where casting directors and directors make stupid mistakes all the time.

    While appreciating that her beliefs about the carnal calling of women are generally true, I am personally uncomfortable with the notion, (I do not have children – I miss them emotionally, sentimentally, but not with a physical urge to conceive. My mother didn’t have one either – but we were each other’s closest friends in the world, and connected intuitively, maybe spiritually, but we would never use the word, never analyse our relationship while she lived).

    Reading Dattas’ ideas, I am pleasantly surprised to find confirmation that my pink improvisation was not silly, after all. My feminine need to apologize is unreformed. John Taylor quotes from Dattas: ‘A woman is “immoral” when she “tries to save her soul by asserting an ideal perfectly foreign to her nature »‘. ..

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